Wisconsin Trail Runs is an all volunteer organization that puts on two trail runs in beautiful south central Wisconsin, one in June at Blue Mound State Park and one in the fall at Black Hawk Ridge.  Proceeds go to the Friends of Blue Mound State Park, the Lower Wisconsin Riverway and The Natural Heritage Land Trust.

Hello Trail Runners.

April 11
Spring is coming to the mound, today some bloodroot and hepatica are opening on the sunny slopes. A few extra trees are down on the Overlode trail but that's just a little more fun.  It's a great time to get in a training run at Brigham or Blue Mound parks. The next few weeks are loaded with spring flowers and bubbling creeks. See you out there. 

Registration for the 2016 Blue Mound Trail Run is open. The run usually fills up over a period of 5 weeks or so, so don't wait too long. This year there will be a 9K and an 18K run.  NEW this year is a RELAY option for the long race. One runner runs from the park over to Brigham Park and the other runs back, both about 9K. Coming back might be a little more challenging but plenty of running for both legs.  You will need to provide your own transportation over to Brigham and back (about 3 miles). No busses.  The 9K will stay in Blue Mound State Park this year.   We'll add awards for the relay race: men's, women's and mixed teams. Click here to register and have a great spring running season. Need new shoes? See our sponsors!  Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for your support of the park.

Registration is limited to 350 runners. We expect to fill up-- enter early. There will be no day-of registration..  Hope to see all of you there in good spirit and fine fettle.

Blue Mound Trail Crew

Check out the 100K Club

Don't forget the Donald Dash, coming up Saturday, May 7th.


Savanna Trail Run Series

Participate in at least four of the five Dane County trail races from May to November and be part of our natural and trail running heritage. You'll traverse woods, hills, and prairies across the county at Donald, Indian Lake, and McCarthy county parks, Blue Mound state park, and Blackhawk Ridge above the Wisconsin River. The landscape of southern Wisconsin was oak savanna, and restoration projects are going on in all our Savanna Series parks.  Check out the details here.

100K Club

We try to keep track of all the kilometers that runners have completed in our Blue Mound and Black Hawk trail runs through the years.  When you hit 100K you get acknowledgement and a 100K hat and when you hit 250 you get a 250K hat with your name embroidered on it.  (Please let us know if you think there is an error.)

How close are you? Check your progress toward the 100K Club here.
You're getting close if you made this list.

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