Wisconsin Trail Runs is an all volunteer organization that puts on two trail runs in beautiful south central Wisconsin, one in June at Blue Mound State Park and one in October at the Black Hawk Unit of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.  Proceeds go to the Friends of Blue Mound State Park, Groundswell Conservancy, and the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Fund.


Hello Friends & Runners

The 2021 Blue Mound Trail Run is on, modified to meet current Covid-19 restrictions in the State Park.  We're spreading the events out over two days--June 5 and 6--and are offering a self-timed version as well.  See the Blue Mound Trail Run page for the latest info.

Thanks to all who came out and made the socially distanced 2020 Black Hawk Ridge Trail Run a fun event and successful fundraiser for Groundswell Conservancy

Hope to see you on the trails.

The Trail Crew

Savanna Trail Run Series

Participate in at least four of the five area trail races from May to November and be part of our natural and trail running heritage. You'll traverse woods, hills, and prairies across the county at Donald and Indian Lake county parks, Blue Mound and New Glarus Woods state parks and Black Hawk Ridge above the Wisconsin River. The landscape of southern Wisconsin was oak savanna, and restoration projects are going on in all our Savanna Series parks.  Check out the details here. 


100k / 250k Club

Run a total of 100K on our trail runs--Blue Mound and Black Hawk Ridge--to join the 100K Club and get your orange hat.  Keep running and when you reach 250K you get a gold hat with your name embroidered on the back!

How close are you?  Check your progress toward the 100K Club here.
You're getting close if you made this list.

New Members from Black Hawk Ridge 2020


250K Club

Jim Berkelman

100K Club

Megan Arce

Tom McClintock

Ryan Rysewyk

Black Hawk Ridge 2020 - 1 - James Berkel