Black Hawk Ridge Trail Run




October 30, 2021

Dear runners,
What a joy it was to see everyone up at Black Hawk, back to a kinda normal event after being away.  Our 15th annual! We want to thank you for making it a fun event and for supporting Groundswell Conservancy.  You all beat our previous record for donations added to your registrations, with more than 50 runners contributing. 

Photos and results are posted!  


Thank you to our sponsors for generous contributions to timing, food, and prizes! 

Final Savanna Series standings will be posted soon on the Savanna Series website.  Congratulations to the 61 runners who completed the series (at least 4 events), to the 8 runners who completed all 6 events (wow), and to Megan Fitzpatrick and Seth Richardson who completed 4 events in the speediest manner.  Zoom!

We are always looking for ideas and....folks who might want to help with putting on the event.  Contact us with any ideas or interest. 

Happy trails.

The Trail Crew


Posted October 22. 2021


We're back! Black Hawk Ridge Trail Run this Sunday, October 24th. Race starts at 10 am. Registration opens at 8:30. Hope to see all of you there.


We are mostly back to our traditional run and soup combo, but with a few COVID adjustments we want you to know about.  The big one is that the cabin won't be open for socializing, eating, and warming up.  We will use the cabin for registration and possibly food serving, masks required, maintain distancing, get your stuff and head back outside.  Dress warmly and plan for an outdoor party!  Outside, we ask anyone who's not vaccinated to wear a mask when you are not running and around others.  Masks encouraged for the vaccinated if you're in a crowd outside.


Location: Black Hawk Unit of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway.  Wachter Road, off Highway 78, south of Highway 12.  Directions here.

Parking: Is limited--car pool if you can. Just before the top you'll see a parking volunteer to direct you. Until that first lot is full we'll park the 8K runners there and anyone who needs to leave early. 16K and overflow continue on beyond the cabin to park under the big horse shed.


Registration: Due to the cold and maybe wet forecast, we'll have bib pickup inside the cabin, where everyone needs to wear a mask. Please come in and get your bib and t-shirt, and head back outside for socializing.  

Race Start: All races start together at 10 am in front of the cabin.  If you are running the 16K and are concerned about making the cutoff time for the first 10K (1:30), you can contact us about an early start.  We have a couple people doing that already.

Course:  We are back to our traditional 8K and 16K courses. You'll be together for about a mile, then divide for the 8K and 16K courses. Maps are on the website and will be posted outside the cabin on race day.  Aid stations will have water and Gatorade. Grab a cup or refill your bottle/pack.

Safety:  The main thing, really. Take care of yourself and your fellow runners.  Could be cold, wet, and slippery, or could be a perfect fall running morning, or 50/50.  Bring warm dry clothes so you can stick around after (see next item) without a major chill.  We'll have first aid volunteers near the cabin if you need them.

FOOOOD. Lunch is served after the run. Food will be served inside or outside the cabin, depending on the weather. If inside, it's masks on, get your food, and go outside to eat.  If it's raining, you can eat in the picnic shelter (across from the horse shed) and we'll do awards and door prizes there, too. Bring your own bowl and spoon if you want to help reduce event waste.

Awards and door prizes: For the fast, overall and 10-year age group awards.  For the lucky, door prizes!  

Savanna Series: We'll be doing Savanna Series participation prizes at this event!  If you've done at least 4 runs in the series, head to the Savanna Series table before or after you run to pick up your 2021 Savanna Series sticker and random prize.


Have a great day of running and visiting. See you Sunday.


The Trail Crew


Posted October 20. 2021

The trail will be marked for you to run Thursday 10/21 through Saturday 10/23.  Please download a map or GPX file from the website Details page to have along with you, in case any of the markings go missing or aren't clear. We'll mark it Wednesday, but can't check it every day.  If you do notice something missing, please let us know. 

Park in the grass lot at the top of the hill, before you get to the buildings.  Walk up to the cabin and follow the road left to the start line and portapotties just past the cabin.  You'll head east past the open pavilion for a 2K or 10K loop, then come back past the cabin going west/south for your last 6K. 


Please be safe out there.  Go with a buddy or let someone know you are out there.  Give yourself plenty of time to finish before dark.


The property is open for hunting (small game and bow), so wearing something bright colored is a good idea.


After you run, submit your result at https://forms.gle/RGz364SWR94MxquS7.  We will also post a link to the result submittal from the Results page on the website.  Self-timed results are not eligible for overall or age group awards, but will be posted separately. If you don't want to post a time (or forgot to start/stop your watch), you don't have to, but put your name in as a finisher so we can count your K for the 100K Club! Or just email us your time/finisher status.  


We'll also post a link to upload photos from your self-timed outing on the Photos page on the website.


T-Shirts!  We'll get them to you after the run.  If you run Saturday, we'll be up there setting up and will have the shirts, so we can give you a shirt then.


Posted October 14. 2021

We've reached our limit for the in person run on 10/24, so registration is closed.  You can still sign up for the self-timed event and run 10/21-10/23.

If you are registered already, but want to switch distance or switch to self-timed,   sign in to RunSignup, find Black Hawk in your upcoming events, and click Manage Registration, Transfer Event.


Posted October 8. 2021

We are just about up to our capacity limit.  We just added 20 more spots, but when those are gone we're done.  There's no capacity limit for the self-timed option, so sign up for that anytime before 10/21.

We're gathering gear, baking cookies, and looking forward to seeing everyone at Black Hawk!


Posted August 21, 2021

We are up and running.  Check out the Details page for more info on this year's events. 


Posted August 17, 2021

Hello runners,

We're close to kicking off registration for the 2021 edition of the Black Hawk Ridge Trail Run, and looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones on Sunday, October 24.


We're planning to be back to an in-person run with our traditional soup party after, but also expect some minor adjustments in light of the continuing impact of COVID-19. As in the past, the run will be a fundraiser for Groundswell Conservancy


We plan to have registration open by late August, and will send an email to past runners to let you know it's open. Hope to see you this fall.

Happy trails.


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Jim Berbee and Karen Walsh