Black Hawk Ridge Trail Run



Thanks for being part of the 2020 version of the Black Hawk trail run. Here are a few reminders as we wind down the event.

If you've registered and haven't run yet, the course will be marked until Tuesday at 4 pm.  Portapotties are gone.  Sorry.

If you ran but didn't submit your result yet,
you can do that at  You can also get to the result submittal from the Results page on the website.  If you don't want to post a time (or forgot to start/stop your watch), you don't have to, but put your name in as a finisher to be eligible for door prizes and get your K counted for the 100K Club. 

And share a photo or two at  You can also get to the photo upload from the Photos page on the website. Thanks for the great photos already submitted!

If you have any trouble submitting results or photos, just drop us an email.

Results will be posted Tuesday night, including door prize winners. Fastest posted times so far:

Men - Ian Beilfuss, 38:47
Women - Abby Strigel 42:51


Willi  608-235-5382 

​Sherren  608-225-2974



Thursday, October 21


The course is marked and ready for you to run.  Trail running is not always  a fair weather sport, but given the wet forecast for the next few days we are going to leave the course markings in place until 4 pm Tuesday to give you a little more time to find a good time to get out there.

Start at the map post near the cabin.  Look for the S/F signs marking start and finish at the map post.  Follow the arrows, avoid the Wrong Way signs.  Maps and course description on the Details page. 

Let us know ASAP if course markings are missing or confusing.

Have fun and be safe out there.

Willi  608-235-5382 

Sherren  608-225-2974


Monday, October 19

Dear runners,


Thanks so much for signing up for the 2020 socially distanced Black Hawk Ridge Trail Run. 



Trail marking and portapotties in place from Friday 10/23 through Sunday 10/25.
You can download a course map or GPX file from the website (Details page) and run anytime between now and Sunday evening.  Looks like we'll be dodging rain drops all week. The course runs okay wet as it's on the ridge and somewhat sandy.

After you run, submit your result at  You can also get to the result submittal from the Results page on the website.  If you don't want to post a time (or forgot to start/stop your watch), you don't have to, but put your name in as a finisher to be eligible for door prizes and get your K counted for the 100K Club. 


And share a photo or two at  You can also get to the photo upload from the Photos page on the website.


Results and photos will be posted early next week.


Please remember to keep safe distancing from other runners or visitors on the property.  The property is open for hunting (small game and bow), so wearing something bright colored is a good idea.


Questions or technical difficulties? Email, text, or call.


Sunday, October 18

Gonna miss that post-run soup?  Here's the squash soup recipe to make your own.

We are rounding up a few door prizes.  Lucky winners will be drawn from all finishers, so remember to submit your result after you run.  We'll post times and door prize winners on the Results page. Instructions for submitting your time are there. too.


Friday, October 15

 Here's a little more info for the 2020 Black Hawk Ridge Trail Run, virtual version.  Thanks to those who have already registered! 

Our plan is to mark the course Thursday PM, Oct 22, so it's ready for you Oct 23-25.  You are also welcome to run it sooner if that works better for you, following the course map.  Portapotties won't be in place until the 23rd, however. Course map in various formats is available on the DETAILS page of the website.  If you've run one of our Black Hawk events before, the first 2 miles are a modified starter loop to the east around the perimeter of the prairie and ridgetop, and the last 4 miles are the same loop to the southwest as always.

If you run, please be aware of and courteous to other users, who may include hikers, horseback riders, or hunters (small game/bow).  And let's be extra COVID safe out there. Protect your fellow runners and friends, and the people they are protecting.

We'll send info on how to submit your results and photos to all registrants, and will also post that info on the website.  We'll be using a Google form like Indian Lake, so if you used that you already know the drill.

Registration is open right up to the end of Sunday the 25th.  Results also due by the end of Sunday.

Whether or not you make it out to Black Hawk, we hope to see you in 2021 for some version of trail running at Blue Mound and the rest of the Savanna Series runs.  Safe and happy trails to you.

the trail crew


Saturday, October 10

We're going to be able to present the 2020 Black Hawk Ridge Trail Run as a virtual event. We've moved the run back a week to October 23-25 (Fri, Sat, Sun) to allow for more registration time. A big shout out to Pete and the Indian Lake crew for taking a leap into the virtual void and delivering a really fun trail run event. Running it helped get us remotivated.


The course this year is a single distance--about 10K--all of it on the top of the ridge without the giant down/up of the traditional 16K route. We'll mark the course, you run it anytime in that 3-day window. Submit your time, share a photo if you like, and we'll post results and pics on the website. As in the past, the run will benefit Groundswell Conservancy (formerly Natural Heritage Land Trust). We'll miss our usual eating and camaraderie, but still a great place for a fall run.

Come out and enjoy this great place!


Thanks for your support.  Run, eat, repeat.

the trail crew



Ready for another run?

Sun November 1, 2020
Suamico, WI
Presented by Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team



Wisconsin Trail Runs is an all volunteer organization that puts on two trail runs in beautiful south central Wisconsin, one in June at Blue Mound State Park and one in October at the Black Hawk Unit of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.  Proceeds go to the Friends of Blue Mound State Park, Groundswell Conservancy (formerly The Natural Heritage Land Trust.), and the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Fund.






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